Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Cultural Trip in Taiwan

The International Student Association of my University traveled to some places. It’s called The Cultural Trip. For me it is very important trip because it can increase our insight about cultural places in Taiwan. We departed at 08.00 AM by bus.

The first place we visited was Yingge Ceramics Museum. It is located in Taipei City. I was so speechless because I think it is the most surprisingly great and wonderful Museum I have ever seen. The staff explained us everything of each part of the museum. The first hall features we saw many examples of exquisite vases, plates, and other ornaments also the history, production, and use of ceramics then on the second floor there are features exhibited and Taiwanese pottery works introduced. It’s an amazing view. Not only our group there but also many tour groups visited this wonderful museum.

We spent about 2 hours in the museum then we went to take lunch at Hakka Affairs Department that served us very delicious meal.
Having finished lunch, at 12.30 PM we continued our trip to Yingge Pottery. In that place we were taught by the pottery expert the way to make pottery. It was my first experience. At first we had the difficulties to make the pottery using the pottery machine but finally we were success to make our own creative pottery, mine is a cup, there I wrote my name. We were very happy because we can take our handmade pottery if they have already been made. It will take about a month to get it through the process of making pottery. Even I was a bit tired but I felt very happy.

After spending 2 hours in Yingge Pottery, we continued our trip to Danshui. We visited Dahshui’s monument Fort San Domingo. There are many tourists, very crowded. We got around that place. Again, I was surprised when I saw the building directly more over when I knew the history which is written inside the building. In my opinion it is an important historical attraction of Taiwan.

Then, our next destination was going to Danshui Old Street, near to Fort San Domingo. Actually that was the most beautiful moment in my trip because it’s my dream to see the sunset directly. We got together walked along the street, took the picture while enjoyed the beautiful sunset together. There I found a wide variety of local delicacies, souvenir shops, talented buskers, and the reflection of the gorgeous sunset.
At 7:00 PM we got dinner and tasted different kinds of food I’ve never tasted before along the street of Danshui’s night market. At 8.00 PM we went back to our campus CYCU and arrived there at 9:00 PM.

For me it is the most unforgettable and wonderful trip I ever had. I used to dislike traveling, but because I followed this cultural trip so I want even more to explore another part of Taiwan. I and my friends plan to travel to other places if we have spare time.
Beside the cultural trip, overall in my opinion Taiwan is the best place for me to stay.



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