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Contoh Soal TOEFL (Structure dan Written Expression)

Contoh Soal TOEFL (Structure dan Written Expression) - berikut ini kusajikan beberapa contoh soal-soal TOEFL, semoga bermanfaat ya ;)

Berikut sobat beberapa contoh soal TOEFL khusus untuk bagian “Structure ” yang menurutku paling umum dan bentuknya paling sering muncul:

          1.       .......... was ringing continuously for hours.
            (A) Loudly
            (B) In the morning
            (C) The Phone
            (D) The bells

  2.   Early ......... toes instead on hooves on their feet.
 (A) Horses
 (B) Had horses
 (C) Horses had
 (D) Horses having 

  3.  ........ radio as the first practical system of wireless telegraphy.
 (A) Marconi's development
 (B) The development of Marconi
 (C) Developing Marconi
 (D) Marconi developed

    4.   Cristiano Ronaldo and friends really look good tonight because the coach had them .......every day this week.
               (A) Practice                                      
               (B) to practice                                  
               (C) practiced
               (D) the practice

   5.   You ...…. your seatstodau if you want to go to the game.
                (A) had better to reserve           
                (B) had better reserve                
                (C) had to better reserve
                (D) had to reserve better

   6.   Shanty Tindaon is ....… Cristiano Ronaldo who is the most handsome         footballer in the world.
                (A) the first to love                      
                (B) the first loving                    
                (C)  firstly loved
                (D) loving the first

         7.     A variation of collodion photography was the tintype, which captured images on a black or
               A                                                                     B                                              C
        dark brown metal plate instead from on glass

         8.     In cases of minor injury to the brain. Amnesia is  likely to be a temporarily condition
               A                          B                                     C                     D

   9. The fact that white light is light composed of various wavelengths may be demonstrating by
          A                                                            B                                                          C
   dispersing a beam of such light through a prism.

   10.  Marshes, wetland areas characterized by plant grassy growth, are distinguished from swamps,
                                                                A                                 B                          C
       wetlands where trees grown

Well, cukup sekian sobat hanya 10 contoh saja heheh nanti nanti aku posting lagi yah, atau PM aku ;)
Maaf karena soal dibagian akhir yang written expression penulisannya berantakan karena postingan ini sebelumnya kuketik dulu di word setelah di paste ke blog ini, begini lah jadinya, agak susah mengubahnya, nanti kalau aku punya waktu bakal diperbaiki deh ;)
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Semoga bermanfaat buat sobat Shantycr7