Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Memorable Experience

It was on the late of January 2012 or about 2 years ago, a dangerous accident happened on me. This story began when I was trying to take my sister to her school by motorcycle. At first our riding was so smooth, there was no happening or something like problem during our way. I was riding the motorcycle until I left my sister at the school, the distance is not too far from my house it was just taking about 10 minutes to my sister's school.

After I took my sister to her school, I slowly began to turn back my motorcycle to go home. Then I was back home with a self-riding of course without my sister. At that time I was feeling somewhat uneasy, seemed like there was something that would happen to me. A few minutes later I was in the middle of my return way home through the highway which is actually not great highway. After about 5 minutes my way home, I want to cross the intersection towards my house, at that time I did not really stop my motorcycle because firstly I had already looked back at me through the rear-view mirror whether there were cars or motorcycles back at me that might would passed me, and in fact, there was nothing else except a motorcycle that rode very fast, but I still saw the distance was quite far away from the intersection where I was about to cross. Once I was pretty sure that the distance of the motorcycle  was still quite far from me, and so I ended up trying to cross slowly. But shortly after I was almost at the crossing point, the speed of quite fast of the motorcycle suddenly grabbed me which really I had not expected before. I was bounced into a street full of sand right in front of  market along a small shop, while my motorcycle was thrown away from where I was exactly,  my motorcycle was in the middle of  highway. I was shocked, my heart beat very fast, my body was all shaking and then slowly I began to feel tremendous pain all over my body and head. My body dragged over the sand until it broke through my skin and bruising, as well as my legs and arms. My head had banged hardly and of course it was really hurt, I was very lucky that time that my head did not hit on the blacktop.

Shortly after the crash, the people around the place directly helped me, lucky one of them is my neighbor who was quickly took me to the nearest hospital. At the hospital my wounds bandaged and given the medication. 5 minutes later my parents came up with a very worried face and tried to calm me down and whispered "everything would go well". At that time I felt I would die because of the crunch in my head was really hurt me a lot, my head seemed to have been broken or there was bleeding inside, as well as my whole body was full of wounds and bruises. After 1 day in the hospital I was suggested by doctor to go to the other hospital for scanning, to check if there were any wounds or bleeding or not. The next day we went to the hospital which doctor suggested for scanning and the result was a state of my head and my body were fine, no injuries at all. Praise the Lord, we went home and finally I spent about 2 weeks lying at home without any activities. After that incident until today I am still a little bit trauma to ride motorcycle. It is a very worth experience to me.



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