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Contoh Study Plan Beasiswa ke Taiwan

Contoh Study Plan Beasiswa ke Taiwan - Halo sobat, setelah posting barusan tentang Contoh Autobiografi Pelamaran Beasiswa ke Taiwan, kali ini aku mau posting contoh Study Plan nya yang mana ini juga salah satu syarat umum dalam meng-apply beasiswa LN termasuk Taiwan. Kebetulan aku lulus di CYCU jurusan International Business. Kalau mau tau tentang Taiwan dan sistem pendidikannya bisa dilihat dipostinganku yang ini Tentang Taiwan dan Sistem Pendidikannya Berikut contoh study planku yg sangat sederhana dan kutuliskan dengan setulus hati ;)Oh ya ada yg update loh, yaitu video tentang ini juga (setahun setelah study di Taiwan)
check this out guys :D
Video sharing tentang study di Taiwan

S T U D Y  P L A N

            My name is Susi Susanti Tindaon, 22 years old female, graduating from Department of Economics, Accounting Education Study Program, State University of Medan, Province of North Sumatera, Indonesia with final GPA 3.58 out of 4.00. Currently, I’m working as an Economics and Social Science tutor at Primagama Institute. For me teaching is not only a job but also it is kind of the spirit calling from my deepest heart, it was really amazing and proud of making people come to understand something that they do not understand before. That is why I love the world of education ever since I was at Primary School. Beside teaching I love economics business too, this one is the biggest part of me right now. I have been very interested in business since Elementary School, knowing how to get much money through selling product as well as knowing the characteristics of many people outside, taught me how to manage the time to get success in business and what kind of strategy which is powerful to get much better results as well as how to work together in group or team well. That time I had to be smart to analyzing the various of human characters to make them undertstand what I explained. Everything happened since that time, and yes I love to analyze the behavior of human characteristics as well as kind of social responsibility. Over time I love business much more until now, more over, my parents are traders, even not the big traders but they have always taught me how to do business well through learning the customers behavior. In undergraduate program I studied some courses which are related to that goal. Some of them are Introduction to Macro Economics, Introduction to Micro Economics, Introduction to Business, English For Business, Economic Statistics, Introduction to Management, Entrepeneurship, Business Feasibility Study, Financial Management, Business Law, Research Methodology, Management of Information System, Audit of Management, and System of Management Controlling where of each courses I got the great academic achievement. For this reason after completing my Bachelor’s degree I am planning to pursue my Master’s degree overseas to improve my knowledge and ability as well to strengthen my character, that is why I decide to learn more about business in International Business Program because this program will not only teach theoretical knowledge but more than that, there is practical knowledge based on the field in business.
            Taiwan is the country where I would like to stay. I have read much more about Taiwan and I found that Taiwan is a multination country, many foreigners, many foreign industries, and it improves greatly time by time. This condition will be an advantage for foreign student like me to learn much new knowledges and gain many experiences.
            Studying in Taiwan will be a great chance for everyone, including me, not only because of the offered scholarship but also because of the educational system itself. After searching for the university in Taiwan, I am sure that CYCU as one of the best private universities in Taiwan will enable me to realize all of my expectations with its curriculum especially in the International Business. CYCU as the leading university in Taiwan is the great place for me to grow and improving my self. I desire to be the part of this educated community, which will trigger my potential improvement. If I get the chance to join here, I will give my best perform and finish the master degree in 2 years with the great academic achievement. I am sure I can do that. I do really hope that studying at an international university will make me understand more how to deal with many types of people and after graduating, I will have a larger scoop of working in the field.
            One important factor that makes me believe that CYCU International Business Program is a right choice is the overseas entrepreneurship internship. Beside the compulsory and optional subjects given in classes, this internship will enrich the student with practical knowledge. More over, one of the characteristics of CYCU International Business program is to make students deeply understand practical experience in enterprises by offering “case study program” which is encourage me deeply, because I like to handle and solve the case about the currently business situation. One of my favorite professor in International Business CYCU is Professor Chun-Tsung Chin who has the same interest with me. I have sent him an email requiring him to be my adviser if I am accepted in CYCU and he responded my email saying that he really excited. I am sure if I am accepted in CYCU I will publish many papers.
            After getting my Master’s degree, in the next I want to continue to persue the doctoral degree. If all of those programs completed, my deepest commitment is to go back to Indonesia, do all things I got and learned from Taiwan especially from CYCU, building a new great business with my own capability as well as try to develop the Indonesia education system. To be a great and leading entrepreneur, lecturer and researcher is the most willingness of me. I have a desire to transfer and develop the knowledge that I have gained from this program to the students in Indonesia. I want to motivate and equip them as well as share and spread the knowledge I have is the happiness of life for me. That is my biggest goal.
Finally, I am sure that I am capable to obtain good performance during my study at CYCU because it is my own expectation so that I will be able to motivate myself totally. Not only at the time of study, but also after I am graduated, I will do all my best to run business confidently with all of my educational background and experiences.

Sincerely yours,       

Susi Susanti Tindaon

Untuk meriquest salah seorang profesor di universitas tempat sobat mau apply berikut contoh punya ku bisa dilihat sebagai bahan referensi ;)Contoh Email ke Calon Profesor Pembimbing


  1. Andriani Siregar12/12/14, 10:42 PM

    Hai kak susanti, perkenalkan nama saya Andriani Siregar, panggilan nama sehari2 Riri. Universitas kk sblmnya sm dgnku yaitu UNIMED, riri fakultas ekonomi, pendidikan ekonomi dan baru semester 1. Setelah riri membaca postingan kakak,riri jd kepengan bgt sprti kakak ngelanjut S2 nantinya ke Univ Luar Negeri. Untuk bisa nantinya,ilmu yg kita dpt dari luar negeri bisa kita terapkan di Indonesia kita ini kak. Ohyakak,gmn sih cara kita dpt beasiswa lanjut study ke Luar negeri? Hemb, klu boleh kita chating2 klu kk ada waktu. Di email riri: atau di kontak Bm 7D03687E. Riri berharap bgt kk mmbls coment riri ini. Sblmnya makasih kak:)

  2. hai kak saya alumni unimed jurusan pendidikan biologi, mau nanya ni kak..
    kalau mau ngelanjut S2 di taiwan kira2 cocok di univ. mana ya kak,klo kita yg pendidikan gmna ya kak? atau ngambil yg murni biologi aja jurusannya kak?
    kasi saran dong kak? masih bingung soalnya kak
    makasi sebelumnya kak