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Contoh Autobiografi Beasiswa ke Taiwan

Berikut contoh Autobiography ku waktu apply ke Chung Yuan Christian University, Universitas swasta No. 1 Se-empat negara. Autobiography (Autobiografi) ku ini masih sangat sederhana dan masih jauh dari sempurna, ini hanya seadanya saja namun semoga bermanfaat dan perlu diingat bahwa dalam menuliskan autobiography haruslah sejujur-jujurnya bukan hanya sekadar meniru, oke ;)Oh ya ada yg update loh, yaitu video tentang ini juga (setahun setelah study di Taiwan)
check this out guys :D
Video sharing tentang study di Taiwan

My name is Susi Susanti Tindaon. I was born in Sukarakyat, a small village in Simalungun City, North Sumatera Province , Indonesia on April 13, 1991. I was born from a very simple family. My father’s name is Jonny Tindaon and my mother's name is Rospenita Purba. Both of my parents work as small traders and the income is just enough for our daily living expenses. I have 2 brothers who have been working and one sister who is still in senior high school. I am the oldest. When I was a kid my family lived ( stayed ) at my grandmother's house because we did not have a home until I have been 10 years old exactly in 2001 our family decided to have our own place by way of renting a house that has been located not so far from my grandmother's house precisely in Kerasaan City. But at that time I had chose to stay at my grandmother's house to accompany her because my grandfather has paased away.

At the age of 6 years old, precisely in 1997, I went to school in the Public School number 096136 namely SD Negeri Sukarakyat that the distance is not too far from my house. From the earlier childhood I have been fond of studying, in elementary school, I had always got the first ranking and graduated in 2003 with the great average value. During elementary school I had ever attended the Academic Competition at district level and achieved the third ranking in 2002. After graduating from elementary school then I continued my education to one of the private schools in our District which is quite popular in Pematang Bandar, Simalungun City named Kerasaan Foundation (Yayasan Kerasaan). Since the first semester until the end of the semester I had always got the first rank and declared as the best student in my Junior High School. When I was in Junior High School I had always been active in school organizations, being a head and secretary of its organizations. I was very close to all the teachers, become the teacher's favorite student is a pride of my ownself. Not just when I was Elementary School , but also when I was in Junior High School I had ever followed the Academic Competition representing my school, but unfortunately I could only rank  4. I graduated from Junior High School in 2006 with very good average value, I even got the second ranking nationally with the highest test scores in all Junior High School in Pematang Bandar.

In 2006 I went on an excellent education in a public school namely SMA Negeri 1 Bandar Perdagangan, Simalungun City, Sumatera Island from 2006-2009. During my Senior High School I was also quite active in school, I have loved to learn especially in Social Science and Economics subjects, in my class I was one of the teacher’s favorite students. During my education at the Senior High School, I lived with my parents in Kerasaan because at this point I could be a private teacher to get extra stipend and pay my school fee. At that time, in my daily life, I had many activities, after coming back from school I studied and did my homeworks immediately, in the afternoon I tutored the Elementary School students and Junior High School students for all the subjects, while for the Junior High School students I only tutored the English subject. At night I re-learned the subjects that I had studied in the school before and studied the materials to be covered the next day. I am the type of person who is very independent. Since I was in Elementary School to Junior High School I lived with my grandmother, I learned how to appreciate life and to become independent without any parental care. Even when I was in Senior High School I have been able to be independent, earning extra money to pay my school fee and also buy the book I needed as well as manage my financial. I did it with my efforts, all the way. My parent’s earning was just enough for my family living expenses and school fees of my siblings. Although I was quite busy with many activities and feel tired but I still excited, very excited because my parents always motivated me not to give up and always give thanks to God of any circumstances. I do always remember the words that have always brought up by my parents that all was provided by God, that every single struggle and hard work would not be in vain, and since that time until right now those words still lingering in my hearts. I am proud of having parents who always support and motivate me all the way. In all circumstances, I can appreciate life and live it.

After I Graduated from Senior High School in 2009, I straightly continued my education to the university, I was very sure that I could get a good university in my country. Although both of my family and I have known that the cost of education or tuition fee at the university level is very expensive moreover the living expenses, but they still support me to continue my education. At that time I really wanted to enter the State University of Medan, one of the two public universities in North Sumatera Province ( Sumatra Island ). I chose economics education majors. After going through the stages of selection tests nationally, finally I was able to enter the university. During my lectures in Medan, Sumatera Island, I lived in a boarding house apart from my parents. My daily life was not much different from the conditions when I was at Senior Hight School, lecturing in Medan making my life more independently. I have been back to teach to earn extra money for my living expense as well as my stipend. In my class at university, I was one of the best student, I was very studious, diligent of asking professors of any material which I did not know and also very close with both professors and lecturers. I always strived to be the foremost, achieved the highest performance and being a person who has the high integrity. Both tutoring and going to campus did not break my spirit to study even feel tired, I even more spirit to keep working while studying and can appreciate life.

While in college, a few times I got the merit scholarship, I used the money to pay the tuition fee and also buying any books I needed. I am very fond of reading, yes I am an avid reader. I always try to update the information through newspaper and electronic media. I love to read journals to update the development of business and economics. During college I became a member of Students United Medan Adventist Christian religion as a student ( Adventist ) to be able to share knowledge and strengthen the faith, became an active member of Christian Student Activity Unit Faculty of Economics State University of Medan, and also still active as a member in social community in my town. I have been able to split my time between studying, working and organization. I have known how to manage everything regularly. In July 22, 2013, I had a mini thesis 's examination ( oral defense ) and get the highest score among my friends namely 92.75. I was also one of the three students who wrote the mini thesis by using English in economics faculty State University of Medan. Since then, I officially graduated from the State University of Medan by completing the 150 credit courses in four years. At this time I am waiting for my graduation ceremony which will be held on the last of October 2013.

I had ever taught Economics and ICT (Information and Technology ) subjects at one of the popular schools in Immanuel namely Kabanjahe City Education Foundation Junior and Senior High School as a training teacher in 2012 for a half year, beside that, I also had ever taught Accounting - Economics at SMA Negeri 2 Bandar Simalungun in April - July 2013. At this present time I have become a tutor both of Economics and Social Science subjects in Primagama Institute since August 2013 as well as an economics and still active private English teacher. Recently, I 'm trying to pursue my master's degree in International Business major through the scholarship program offered by Chung Yuan Christian University ( CYCU ), I do really hope to be able to get that scholarship, if I got it and finished my master's degree, I would immediately continue to get my doctorate. I do really hope that I can be accepted in CYCU because it is the university that is very good to me to continue my study, with the expectations that after I graduated I become useful personally to everyone, to my family by making them proud, to CYCU and Indonesia for sure. May God answer prayer and my request, I am optimistic that I can grab it .

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